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48 Hours in Camden

What's better than spending a weekend enjoying great food and amazing natural beauty in charming Camden, Maine? Here's how to make the most of your getaway:

Day 1 Friday:

  1. Arrive in Camden and check into the Crew Quarters.

  2. Head to Whistling Whale for a delightful morning coffee. This charming cafe offers stunning harbor views and excellent cold brew coffee to kickstart your day.

  3. Head out for a hike up Mount Battie - the trailhead is just a short walk from The Wharf! Enjoy the scenic views from the summit, capturing the beauty of Camden Harbor and the surrounding landscapes.

  4. Have a leisurely lunch in town - we recommend enjoying Maine's fresh seafood or other local specialties.

  5. Explore the town's boutiques and galleries. Visit Jesse Tobias Designs and Hundred Acres. Back at The Wharf, stop by Motifs to indulge in some shopping for unique gifts or souvenirs.

  6. For dinner, make a reservation at Salt Wharf. This waterfront restaurant offers a romantic setting and delicious locally inspired dishes.

Day 2 Saturday:

  1. Walk through town to the Camden Farmer's Market. Grab an iced coffee at Uproot Pie, find a pastry, and collect some local offerings for a picnic lunch.

  2. 2. Take a morning stroll around Camden Harbor, relishing in the scenic views. The park at the head of the harbor is a perfect place for a picnic!

  3. Walk down to the docks and catch a ride on the Schooner Surprise. This authentic wooden schooner offers a memorable experience, sailing along the picturesque Maine coastline.

  4. head to Paper Plane, a stylish wine bar, for a relaxed and intimate evening sipping on fine wines before enjoying a casual bite to eat at Blue Barren.

  5. Take a post-dinner walk along the waterfront, capturing the beauty of the town illuminated at night.

Day 3 Sunday:

  1. Have a leisurely morning enjoying the views from your room at the Crew Quarters.

  2. Take one last stroll before checking out of the Crew Quarters and bid farewell to Camden.

  3. Stop by Bleeker and Greer on your way out of town for drinks and food for the road!

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