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Huga Heated Seat Company Elevates Apres-Boggan Event to New Heights!

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the attendees who contributed to the success of the Apres-Boggan event! Your enthusiasm, support, and participation made this event truly memorable. Salt Wharf and Blue Barrens came alive with your presence, creating a vibrant atmosphere. What a fun event!

A special note of gratitude goes to Jocelyn and Colin owners of Huga Heated Seat Company for their invaluable contribution. By joining the event, they showcased their commitment to not only innovation but also to creating a toasty experience for the attendees! Their heated seats added convenience, warmth, and luxury, enhancing the enjoyment of everyone throughout the event. Check them out!

As we continue to embrace the spirit of winter, let us remember the warmth and camaraderie felt during the Apres-Boggan event. We look forward to future gatherings and the involvement of companies like Huga, who demonstrate a commitment to enhancing the Maine Winter experience!

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