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Saltwater Classroom organizes a Coastal Clean-Up with Camden Classics Cup

Removing harmful marine debris from the ocean environment is a very important thing that we all can do. Saltwater Classroom and the Rozalia Project recently organized a Coastal Clean-Up in conjunction with Camden Classics Cup Weekend.

Saltwater Classroom's mission is to empower and inspire the next generation of ocean stewards by fostering a deep connection to marine ecosystems and promoting ocean conservation. They believe in the power of experiential learning and hands-on education, taking students out of the traditional classroom setting and immersing them in real-world marine environments. Through field trips, boat-based programs, and hands-on activities like Coastal Clean-Ups, Saltwater Classroom aims to instill in students a sense of wonder and appreciation for the ocean, while also educating them about the challenges facing marine ecosystems and the importance of conservation efforts.

Their mission includes not only providing educational experiences but also encouraging students to become active advocates for the marine environment. By engaging with local communities and partnering with schools and educators, Saltwater Classroom strives to create a network of informed and passionate individuals who will work towards preserving and protecting the oceans for future generations. As sailors and lovers of the ocean, we are totally on board.

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