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Visiting the Camden Farmers Market

Just a short walk from The Wharf is one of the best small town farmers markets around. The Camden Farmers' Market stands out as a vibrant and inviting spot that not only provides access to fresh, local products but also celebrates the community, culture, and agricultural heritage of the Camden area. Whether you're a local resident or a visitor to Maine, the market offers an enriching experience and a taste of the region's agricultural bounty.

Don't miss some of our favorite vendors!

THE UPROOT PIE COMPANY Wood-fired pizzas, breakfast bialy sandwiches, and coffee made to order with local ingredients. Stop here first to place your order and grab a coffee before perusing!

Frontier Sugarworks

MOFGA-certified organic maple syrup, bourbon barrel aged maple syrup, maple sugar, and maple candies. the only thing we pour on our blueberry pancakes.

Spark Bagel

Slow fermented, hand rolled, and honey boiled sourdough bagels. With flours and malted grains from Vermont and Maine; Spark creates a bagel steeped in nostalgia, tradition, and sense of place.

On the Mountain Farm

Specialty cut flowers harvested correctly for peak beauty and vase life. Beauty not to be missed!

Blue Barren Distillery

A fixture at The Wharf, Blue Barren produces innovative and exciting spirits using locally sourced ingredients and botanicals.

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